MAG-3 type valves


MAG-3 type valves

MAG-3 type valves


Project Description

Shut-off , flap valve MAG-3 / MAG-3 BIO

  • 2/2     kl.A      II 2G c IIB T4
    • Fluid media
    – MAG-3 gas fuels (natural gas, propane-butane)
    – MAG-3 BIO gas fuels (natural gas, propane-butane, biogas)
    • full bore
    • very low flow resistance – comparable with ball valves
    • opened only manually (with use of special key)
    • closed with electrical impulse, coming from detection system or manually (with button)
    • valve with explosion-proof design (ATEX)
    • equipped with valve position sensor – indicator (option)
    • adapted for external applications
    • conforms to PN-EN161

• as an actuator (cutting off the gas supply) in low and medium pressure Gas Safety Systems installed in:
– municipal and industrial gas boilers
– public buildings
– medium pressure reduction and measuring stations etc.
– power generator / cogeneration compartments
– biogas plants (MAG-3 BIO)

• zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas with gases and flammable vapours assigned to explosive class II, temperature class T4
additionally MAG-3 BIO
• for protecting all types of gas installations and devices (eg burners, boilers, cogeneration systems, etc.) supplied with gas such as:
– biogas from wastewater treatment plants
– biogas of landfill origin
– biogas from installations for processing animal or plants waste
– coke oven gas

Fluid media
gas fuels (methane, propane-butane)
gas fuels (methane, propane-butane, biogas)
Pressure see tab „Dimensions / Pressures”
Fluid media temperature -30°C ÷ +60/50°C
Ambient temperature -30°C ÷ +60/50°C
Closing electrical impulse 6A/12V
Impulse duration ti < 1s
Flow for ΔP = 1mbar
ZBK-50k/ZBK-50 BIO
ZBK-100k/ZBK-100k BIO
Q ~ 100m³/h (methane)
Q ~ 330m³/h (methane)
Opening manual
Closing electrical impulse or manually – with button
Closing time < 1s
Operation type intermittent
Degree of protection IP44(for valve)
Valve body material stop aluminium
Sealing material
Nitrile-butadiene rubber  NBR
Mounting position arbitrary
Type DN K

Flanged connection:
ZBK-50k* 50 125 183 ~204 78 165 230 85 5 6,5 5,3
ZBK-100k* 100 180 257 ~257 103 270 325 160 5 6,5 14,8

*- also applicable to MAG-3 BIO (typ ZBK-50k BIO i ZBK-100k BIO)

  • in both open and closed positions valves do not require power supply – they are energy efficient (electrical impulse with duration <1s is needed only to close the valve)
  • insensitive to voltage decay supplying the system – its absence or temporary decay does not cause changes in the gas flow through the valve
  • resistant to any interferences that in the closed state can cause accidental valve opening (only conscious actions of supervisors)
  • very small maneuvering area required to operate and small force needed to open the valve
  • simple, cheap, reliable and lightweight construction
  • long lifespanVERSIONS:
  • MAG-3 type ZBK-50k i ZBK-100k, standard version
  • MAG-3 BIO type ZBK-50k BIO i ZBK-100k BIO, designed for landfill or wastewater treatment plants origin biogas