Establishment  of Company in the form of a one-person facility producing thermoelectromagnetic valves (including thermocouples) and thermostats for boilers.


Heating boilers and water heaters production start-up.


Products line extension by gas fan burners and equipment needed to control their operation, such as filters, gas pressure regulators or solenoid valves.Over time, solenoid valves have became sought on the market by other manufacturers of appliances burning gas fuels. The constantly growing demand caused that the production of other products was discontinued, and the whole construction and production potential of the company was focused on solenoid valves. In retrospect it turned out to be a very good  move.


Period of  investments intensification and the beginning of the company’s dynamic development. Newly built and renovated old buildings, became in 1998 new headquarter of FLAMA-GAZ. Also a significant extension of machine fleet  took place which lead  to company production capacity growth.


FLAMA-GAZ company also focuses on issues related to the safety aspect of gas installations operation. The first effect of these activities is the implementation of special ZB poppet cut-off valves for production, intended for cooperation with gas detectors (detection systems).



Implementation of MAG-3 flap valves for production


Out of concern for the quality of our products and services, the Quality Management System is implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, currently certified by BSI Management Systems.


To keep pace with technological advance with the increase in machining efficiency while meeting the requirements of customers, our plant is equipped with CNC machining centers. The MAG-3 BIO valves designed for biogas from landfill or wastewater treatment plants are implemented to production.


Today, the FLAMA-GAZ company employs several dozen people, and the range of solenoid valves offered includes more than 100 types designed for various types of media (gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, water, oil, air) and company is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves in Poland.The high technical level of the manufactured products is obtained thanks to the implementation of proprietary constructional and technical solutions (innovative solutions are patented) by the highest class technical specialists and experienced production employees. Works on new constructional solutions are consulted with specialists from the Silesian University of Technology, the “Barbara” Experimental Mine, and the Oil and Gas Institute in Cracow, if necessary. The plant’s divisions cooperate in a computer system that integrates all departments, from design and technology through production to distribution.Our products meet the essential requirements of relevant EU Directives, standards and regulations, which authorize to mark them with the CE mark. The Institute of Oil and Gas in Cracow supervises production as part of the issued Certificates.FLAMA-GAZ products reach many thousands of satisfied customers from companies and enterprises throughout Poland. Part of the production is exported and finds customers outside the country.