Solenoid valves
– gas fuels (methane, propane-butane)
– liquid fuels (gas oil,  fuel oil)
– air
– water
– oils
• Cut-Off valves for cooperation with gas detectors  (detection system)
– poppet valves
– Flap valves (Ex-ATEX)
• Gas trains also with leaktightness control systems gas burners and cogeneration
• Gas Safety Systems (gas leak protection systems)
(signaling and cutting-off gas inflow devices)
– industrial (Ex-ATEX version available)
– domestic (natural gas, propane-butane, carbon oxide)


  • Technical advisory
  • services related to the selection of gas valves , gas trains and gas safety systems (signaling and cutting-off gas inflow devices).
  • Completing deliveries
  • according to customers’ orders
  • Training
  • courses covering proper equipment selection, area of possible application, installation and maintenance of solenoid valves and gas safety systems
  • Projects
  • projects and as-built documentation of gas safety systems
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • of gas safety systems
  • Periodical Inspection
  • and maintenance of gas devices (burners) and systems; long-term service contracts
  • Service
  • warranty and post-warranty service of devices
  • We also perform
  • for special orders non-standard versions of valves after prior arrangements with clients