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How to select the proper valve?

Although the construction of solenoid valves is relatively simple, selecting them for a given type of installation or application should take into account several important issues that have a large impact on the proper and correct selection of the valve.

While the selection of valves for typical applications is not difficult, many problems can be caused by selecting a valve to work in unusual applications. This applies in particular to intermediate-acting valves, where the selection of the valve on the basis of the diameter of the pipeline only  is unacceptable.

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Undesirable effects associated with incorrect valve selection appear both in its under-dimensioning and over-dimensioning.

 Underdimensioning is likely to cause:

  • inability of reaching the desired flow
  • incidence of liquid conversion into steam at the valve’s outlet
  • drop of outlet pressure
  • undesirable pressure loss in installation

Overdimensioning is likely to cause:

  • unnecessary costs increase due to purchasing overdimensioned equipment
  • inconsistent flow through the valve or incorrect flow control
  • shortening of some valves lifetime as a result of internal parts vibration, caused by the lack of proper flow and formed to generate internal differential pressure
  • erosion of seal in some constructions caused by valve operation in almost closed position

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