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Necessary information while ordering2019-03-13T11:10:23+00:00

Necessary information while ordering is as follows:

1. solenoid valve

If particular valve has been selected – place an order, providing following information:

  • valve type
  • power supply voltage
  • options and accessories

If  valve has not been selected  yet – submit a query, we will help you to select the correct type of valve

2. Gas Safety System

  • system type
  • gas detectors quantity and type
  • for each detector please provide:
  • calibration gas (gas it should detect),
  • values of gas concentration for both alerts-thresholds (very important!)  expressed in % LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) or in [ppm] or [mg/m3]
  • alarm module type
  • cut-off valve nominal diameter
  • types of other gases (disturbing) that may occur at the supervised place (their concentration if possible)
  • signaling device quantity and type
  • power supply voltage
  • information if the emergency maintaining of system power supply is required

3. gas train

For the proper selection of the gas train to a given device burning gaseous fuel, it is necessary to know a number of relevant data (parameters) such – among others – as:

  • gas train structure
  • nominal diameter DN (estimated)
  • control Voltage
  • inflow pressure variation range
  • required outflow pressure (pressure needed at the outflow of the gas train so that the gas device can operate at maximum efficiency)
  • minimum and maximum flow required [m3/h]
  • additional accessories if required

For all gas train orders we strongly recommend to contact us before placing an order – we will help you to define all the necessary parameters and select the most suitable gas train.