ZEC type valves

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ZEC type valves

ZEC type valves


Project Description

Type valves ZEC

  •   2/2 NC cl.C
    • direct acting
    • poppet valve
    • suited to zero pressure differential conditions (ΔPMIN= 0 bar)

• hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
• water circuit systems etc.

Fluid media Liquid fuels (oils), water, water solutions, air and non-aggressive liquids and gases
Pressure See tab „Dimensions / Pressures”
Fluid media temperature -10°C ÷ +120°C
Ambient temperature -20°C ÷ +60°C
Voltage AC(50Hz) 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V; DC 12V, 24V
Power AC 26VA, DC 26W
Opening time 10 ÷ 30ms
Connection frequency max. 200 1/min
Fluid media viscosity 37 mm²/s (5°E)
Operation type Continuous (100%)
Degree of protection IP54
Valve body material Brass
Sealing material Nitrile-butadiene rubber  NBR
Mounting position Arbitrary, recommended with coil upwards
Typ Dn Rp A
hreaded connection:
ZEC-3 3 1/8 82 7 54/22** 44 8 0/0,8 0,20 0,6
ZEC-6 6 1/4 85 8 54/25** 50 8 0/0,8 0,54 0,7
ZEC-10 10 3/8 92 11 54/30** 52 8 0/1,0 1,30 0,8
ZEC-15 15 1/2 111 13 54/36** 70 8 0/0,3 3,20 1,1

* – maxiumum width of valve
** – valve width without coil
*** –  Δp = 1bar

• the operation of these valves does not depend on the process pressure of the medium fluid nor the flow rate
• they can operate independently of the existing pressure difference ΔP on the valve
• suited to zero pressure differential conditions (ΔP min= 0 bar)
• their design limitation is the value of the maximum pressure difference ΔPMAX that can occur on the valve. It depends on the lifting force of the electromagnet and the nominal diameter of the valve flow orifice (the larger the nominal diameter, the smaller the ΔPMAX value for the same electromagnet)
• with a pressure greater than the maximum differential pressure ΔPMAX, the valve will not work properly (it will suspend)
• short actuation time (from a dozen to several dozen ms)
• high reliability due to the simplicity of the design and a small number of internal parts
• long lifespan – some designs can reach up to several million work cycles